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Current and past clients:

Adobe Inc., Babel Press, Definitive Records, Disney Inc., Dreamworks, Hewlett-Packard, La Vanguardia,
Mundo Revistas, SEG, Strauss & Partner, Styria Digital One, Von Walden, Werbe Akademie...


Identity, Event Graphics...

Von Walden

Packaging, Advertising Material

Iconic French Design

Graphic Design

Clement Ader - Le film

Title Treatment & Movie Props

Logotypes & Identity

Events, Branding, Packaging...

Hewlett-Packard & more...

Event Graphics & Identity


These are the services I offer the most, although I do plenty more. Feel free to ask, even if your project appears strange and unusual. Especially if it appears strange and unusual...

  • Visual Identity

    A logo is just a logo. A successful visual identity is what tells you that this napkin belong to a biker's bar, that this banner advertises a bistro and not a restaurant or that this envelope in your mailbox really has somethig interesting inside.

  • Packaging

    Your mission is to put something good in that box or that bottle. Your hope is that people like it. My mission is to make sure they want to grab it from the shelf.

  • INVITATIONs, BOOKLETS & Advertisement

    Sometimes you don't need a corporate identity or a business report, you only want to do something more plain and simple like get married to the love of your life, or throw a summer party for 400 guests. Visualthings takes care of that too.


    Do you know how to grab the attention of potential customers among a crowd of thousands and keep them interested until one of your sales people is available? I know how to do that, and a couple of things more...

Laurent Bompard

Designer, Art Director

About Me

I am a designer, art director, illustrator and graphic artist with over 20 years of international experience. I have gained my skills designing record covers for small labels before venturing into web design, editorial illustration, production design and corporate identity. I also do art direction for projects and teach to design students at the Werbe Akademie here in Vienna.

Visualthings is mostly my own work, although when a project requires more manpower I can count on some photographers, copywriters, 3D designers and brand communication experts to get the work done.

Not exactly a quiet person, I have lived and worked in London, Barcelona, Budapest and now Vienna. I have incorporated work habits from all these places into my own process. This includes also a preference to meet my clients over a nice lunch rather than a Skype conference.


Feel free to contact me regarding your projects and needs and I will get back to you.
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Thank you.